Fire and Ice Facial

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Contrasting Sensations


Immerse yourself in the sought-after Fire and Ice Facial, a highly coveted skincare treatment that delivers remarkable results through two contrasting steps. This unique facial revitalizes your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. Whether you’re new to skincare or a seasoned enthusiast, experience the transformative power of the Fire and Ice Facial.


During the “fire” phase, a specially formulated mask enriched with potent enzymes and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) is applied. Our exclusive Carboxy treatment stimulates circulation, creating a warm, tingling sensation that enhances cell turnover and gently exfoliates, unveiling a smoother complexion.


Transitioning to the soothing “ice” step, a cooling mask infused with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and peptides is applied. Our Cryofacial caps, renowned for their long-lasting cold therapy, rapidly reduce the skin’s temperature, diminishing redness and providing a refreshing sensation. This calming and nourishing phase leaves your skin hydrated and revitalized.


Experience the multitude of benefits derived from these contrasting sensations and carefully selected ingredients. The Fire and Ice Facial improves skin texture, minimizes pore size, boosts circulation, and promotes a brighter, more youthful complexion. Discover the confidence that comes with a radiant, glowing skin and indulge in the remarkable Fire and Ice Facial experience today.

V-Lift Ultimate Skin Firming Facial

Unveil a Youthful Chin and Neckline


Introducing the V-Lift Ultimate Skin Firming Facial, inspired by the Korean concept of a tight chin and neckline associated with youthful beauty. This revolutionary treatment provides a mini face-lift in under 60 minutes, unveiling remarkable results.


During the V-Lift treatment, a specialized mask is carefully applied, gradually drying and increasing microcirculation. This process enhances oxygenation and detoxification of the skin tissue. Enriched with antioxidant-rich botanicals, the mask protects the skin from both intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute to aging.


Our V-Lift Facial incorporates advanced techniques to maximize results. LED therapy stimulates collagen production, plasma fusion improves wrinkles and skin texture, electroporation aids in active ingredient absorption, and microcurrent stimulates elastin and collagen production, effectively lifting and firming the skin. The V-Lift Facial is ideally performed in a series of 3-4 treatments, spaced a week apart, to achieve a cumulative effect. Subsequent maintenance treatments every 4 weeks help sustain the results.


Experience the V-Lift Facial, with minimal downtime and a simple precautionary measure of avoiding water and sweat for 12 hours. Unleash the power of this transformative treatment and witness the remarkable, age-defying effects it has on your skin.

Needle-Free Filler Facial

Reveal Youthful Plumpness without Needles


Unlock the beauty of youthful, plump skin with our Needle-Free Filler Facial, a non-invasive rejuvenating treatment designed to stimulate collagen production and increase microcirculation. This cutting-edge facial focuses on softening fine lines and revitalizing your skin, without the need for invasive procedures or needles. Say goodbye to the traditional methods and embrace the most remarkable results with our innovative approach.


Enjoy the immediate benefits of this transformative facial, as it requires no downtime. Our gentle goat milk peel, combined with plasma fusion, LED therapy, and microcurrent, enhances the plumping effect and maximizes the overall results. Witness the radiant and revitalized appearance of your skin as it undergoes a remarkable transformation.


Each treatment session is complemented by the capture of Before and After photos, allowing you to track your progress and witness the incredible journey towards a more youthful appearance.


Following the facial, experience minimal downtime, with a brief 12-hour period of avoiding water and sweat. The results of each treatment are cumulative, with a single session lasting up to six weeks. Opting for a series of three treatments, spaced 10 days apart, can extend the benefits for an impressive five months.
To amplify and prolong the results, we offer a range of at-home care products specially formulated to complement the facial.


Continue nurturing your skin and maintaining its newfound youthful radiance with these exceptional products.


Unleash the power of our Needle-Free Filler Facial and embrace the transformative effects it has on your skin. Experience the confidence that comes with a more youthful and vibrant appearance.

Goat Milk Peel

Restore Your Skin’s Natural Glow


Enhance any facial service with our remarkable Goat Milk Peel, a rejuvenating treatment that restores your skin to its natural glow. This highly moisturizing exfoliation provides remarkable results without any irritation.


Carefully formulated with the “golden ratio” of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, our Goat Milk Peel delivers the ideal brightening treatment. Repair your skin’s barrier and shield it from environmental assaults, unveiling a complexion that is radiant and revitalized.


Ideal for individuals with dull and uneven skin tone, those experiencing difficulty with cosmetics absorption, or individuals with dry and flaky skin, our Goat Milk Peel guarantees amazing results without any irritation. Experience the transformative power of this treatment and witness the remarkable difference it makes in revealing your skin’s radiant and healthy appearance.

Korean skincare services are not currently available as part of the membership. However, members can still enjoy these services at a discounted rate.