Complementary Consult

Find out how to take the best care of your skin! We’ll take into account your budget and any time restraints you may have.

Teen Facial

This facial will oxygenate the skin and kill bacteria. It uses the healing properties of ancient herbs and tea tree oil revealing more healthy skin.


Love Your Selfie Signature Facial Service

This 60 minute skin treatment combines advanced techniques and expert advice to give you optimal results and vibrantly healthy skin. After a thorough analysis of your skin, I will design a treatment using specifically formulated ingredients based upon your skins unique needs. This facial is great for those new to skincare, but is excellent for all skin types.


Love Your Selfie Elite Facial Service

This 75 minute skin treatment is for those who are looking for more dramatic results. This facial includes dermaplane that gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells allowing maximum absorption of specialized ingredients. This facial includes 20 minutes of LED light therapy.


Ageless Dermaplane

Dermaplaning is a gentle exfoliation that removes the peach fuzz leaving skin baby soft. It helps with better product absorption, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. A gentle enzyme exfoliant and a peptide infused, hydrating sheet mask will roll back the hands of time, leaving you with a glow. The mask has ingredients that increase hydration while improving firmness and elasticity. You will be sent home with the sheet mask which can be used another time to get the absolute most out of it!


Dermaplane and Go

The perfect pick-me-up between facials. A double cleanse, followed by a dermaplane, a quick enzyme peel to ensure the perfect glow and ending with finishing products.


Men's Executive Facial

Gentlemen, treat yourself to our luxurious Men’s Executive Facial. Tailored to your needs, deep cleansing, exfoliation, custom mask, to address concerns like acne, razor burn, and aging. Relax as we rejuvenate your skin leaving you refreshed and polished. Perfect for busy professionals. Book now and experience the ultimate grooming indulgence.


Winter Refresh

Does winter have you feeling dry? Irritated? Dull? BUSY??? If you have 30 minutes, we can soften fine lines, remove a layer of peach fuzz, give you a dose of hydration and a glow from the inside out! This quick service starts with a dermaplane and ends with a hydrating enzyme. Come in today! We’ll keep the table warm and the vibes chill!

Winter Special: $65 (REG: $120)

Facial Enhancements

Cryotherapy Facial Massage

Boost collagen production, shrink pores, depuff, and seal active serums into the skin with 15 minutes of relaxing, cold fusion massage that aids lymphatic drainage.



This non invasive, painless, FDA approved device can be added to any facial service. It uses a painless electrical current to retrain gravity affected facial muscles to turn up, leaving you with an instant “facelift”.



Safe for everyone except the extremely sensitive or rosacea guest. This device uses a painless delivery system to help products penetrate deeper into the skin helping to soften fine lines, reduce pore size, lighten hyperpigmentation, and reduce active acne.


LED Light Treatment

An LED light that uses different colors and different wavelengths to target various skin needs. The light improves cellular health, promotes collagen and elastin production, kills acne causing bacteria, and reduces hyperpigmentation- depending on what color is used. Pair with the LED Light See Through HydroJelly Mask for deeper penetration and an extra dose of hydration and glow.

Starting at $30


A manual exfoliation of dead skin cells that uses a custom Dermaplaning blade and removes excess “peach fuzz” as a happy little benefit. It also increases the absorption of skincare products, diminishes the appearance of fine lines, and leaves skin with a healthy, radiant glow.


Hydrojelly Mask

A Hydrojelly™ mask is a “jelly-like” mask that provides multiple benefits to your skin such as hydration, smoothing, moisturizing, and reducing inflammation. Add this to your facial to ensure that “post facial glow”! A vacuum-like seal that compresses facial contours and drives hydration into the skin. This mask can only be booked as an “add on” and not individually.