Estitican? No. Estetisan? Nope. Esthetian? Uh-uh. I’m pretty sure it took me a solid year to train my husband to say Esthetician (in all fairness though, English isn’t his first language). Spelling it? Well, we’re 19 years in and I guess I’ll let you know if it ever happens!

What the heck is an esthetician and why is that an actual job? Who needs one? I am so glad you asked! Let’s chat.

I went to hair school right after high school and hated it. I just don’t have the creative mind like that. I can’t envision things, I generally charge ahead and hope for the best. Which is great in some aspects, not a quality you want in someone cutting you bangs for the first time ever. I ended up dropping out, but before I dropped, I had taken a class in how to perform facials and that- THAT I LOVED.

Fast forward a couple years and I’m finishing up my 550 hours of esthetics school in Wichita, KS and taking my state licensing exam. Done and done.

There are so many interesting facts about the skin. Like, the skin is the body’s largest organ and the first line of defense against foreign pathogens. In other words, healthy skin, healthy body. At one point, I read these words: “Everything we eat shows up on our skin within TWO HOURS.” I’ve never fact checked that, but I do know when I eat better I look better. The correlation between gut health and skin health is so interesting! But we’ll leave that topic for another day. Another thing that I find truly amazing is that the esthetician deals with the first five layers of skin collectively called the epidermis. Those five layers are about the same thickness as one sheet of paper. Wow!!! God packed a lot of stuff into a tiny space!

Ok cool. The skin is interesting. Still, what’s an esthetician? An esthetician is someone who has been trained and passed a state licensing exam and is someone who is knowledgeable in the physiology of skin and how various chemicals and ingredients affect the functionality of the skin. That’s not an official definition but it works. An esthetician has been trained in analyzing the skin, determining conditions (but not diagnosing anything- we’re not dermatologists), and recommending products and treatments based on observations and conversations with our clients. Different states have different laws regarding what we can and cannot do. But, in general, we perform facials, hair removal, apply makeup (don’t ever ask me to do your makeup, my makeup game has not evolved since school in 2003!😂), perform chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion, dermaplaning, microcurrent, nanofusion, microchanneling (generally only under a physician), extractions (every estheticians favorite thing to do!!!). There are definitely more things we do like high frequency, the use of LED, body wraps, body facials… I mean, if it involves the skin, we love it and we want to do it!

So, the bottom line is an esthetician can help you take your skin from where it is, to where you want it to be. What to slow aging and reverse as much as possible? Let’s do some LED, microcurrent, nanofusion, chemical peels, hydro or microderm, and/or dermaplaning. Acne? Hydroderm, chemical peels, facials, high frequency, LED, home care… let’s chat! Love your skin and just want to take care of it and give yourself a little “me time” every month? Let’s do a great facial with professional strength products to keep that beautiful glow shining!

My goal is to help you FEEL as beautiful as you already are! You don’t need me or facials or skin care to be beautiful and worthy and fantastic. You are made in Gods image and you’re already beautiful. Sometimes though, we just want a little boost. To take care of our bodies, of our SOULS. Because I am telling you, a good relaxing facial, is absolutely SOUL FOOD! And I’m here for it! I’m here to take all the guess work out of how you can look and feel your best.

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In the meantime, repeat these words: “I am beautiful. I was intentionally made. I will be kind to myself.”