10 Reasons Why Facials Should Be A Part Of Your Monthly Self Care Routine

Let’s talk about why facials are so important. It’s really hard to come up with a list of only ten reasons why they are so important and should be something you do on a regular basis. But I’m going to try to keep this as succinct as possible.

1. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Did you know that? That your skin is an actual organ? How cool is that! Your skin is the barrier between your guts and the world. It makes up 15% of your total weight (so clearly I’m not chunky, I just have too much skin 💁🏼‍♀️ It’s science 🤷🏼‍♀️😆), you have about 300 million skin cells (too bad we can’t charge all those skin cells rent! 😜), and your skin is constantly shedding old, dead skin cells and replacing them with newer skin cells. On average, this shedding and replacing happens every 28 days. But as we age, that process takes more time. Coming to get that facial every month, helps to keep that process going at the proper speed, which will help keep skin healthy. And when that barrier between the outside world and your inside world is stronger, it (your skin) does a better job keeping germs, viruses, and other yuckies out.

2. Since your skin renews itself every 28 days or so, getting a facial in that time to help that process along with professional ingredients is so important! Stronger exfoliated and hydrators than what you keep in your bathroom cabinet are going to keep that process moving smoothly as well as set your skin up for success over the following 28 days. This will help soften fine lines before they become set in stone, breakup discolorations, and promote a more even skin tone.

3. Having an expert skin analysis. When an esthetician pulls out that bright light after removing all of your makeup and gets up close and personal, there are a lot of things she (or he) can see. Is your skin getting enough oxygen? Are the cells turning over at an appropriate rate? Are you actually dry? Or are you using products that are drying out your skin? Between what she sees and what you told her in the initial consultation, she can put together a pretty accurate picture of what’s going on and what needs to happen to get you looking and feeling your best.

4. EXTRACTIONS. The reason I became an esthetician! To be a professional pimple popper! 😆 Not really the reason, but certainly a compelling one! I mean, how fun is it to go to “work” every day and, as seen on tv, pull gunk out of people’s pores. It’s the ultimate win-win situation. I get the satisfaction of doing the work and my client gets the satisfaction of not having any blackheads.

5. Increased circulation. Everything slows down as we age. Our circulation is no different. And as our circulation slows down, our skin looks dull, sluggish, lifeless. So having that intensive massage and facial manipulation, speeds that circulation right back up. The increased circulation brings nutrients to the skin at a faster rate which encourages a more youthful, radiant glow.

6. Stress release/mental health. Studies show that stress can lead to unhealthy skin. Facials are also extremely relaxing. Imagine a room with dim lighting, soft music, and a warm, comfy bed. Not only is a one hour stress relieving facial good for the skin, but let’s talk about some other benefits of lowered stress. Better sleep, weight management, better mood, getting along better with family and friends, improved hormone balancing. I mean, sign me up for all of that!

7. Unique Problem Solving– Whether it’s dry skin, brown spots, redness, irritation, or inflamed acne- a good facial is always customized to focus on what your skin needs.

8. The healing power of touch. Physical touch is a basic human need. But, especially now in this Covid/post Covid era, we don’t touch and we aren’t touched as much. Touch reduces social anxiety and stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system. It increases levels of dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that help regulate your mood and relieve stress and anxiety. Dopamine is also known to regulate the pleasure center in your brain that can offset feelings of anxiety. That sounds pretty good to me!

9. A facial massage can increase the lymphatic drainage. That just means waste in your blood will move it along faster causing less redness and less puffiness.

10. Facials aren’t magic. It’s like going to the gym. Sadly (and I do mean sadly!), you can’t work out one time and have your perfect body. You have to do the work at the gym and at home. Having good skin means doing the work at home with your quality, thoughtfully prescribed skin care routine and coming in for regular facials. While facials aren’t magic; they do help with acne, premature aging, dryness, reducing stress, increasing “happy hormones”, and just improving your overall health.

So, yes, I honestly believe facials are an essential part of self-health care. Are you ready to get started on your facial journey? Book today at www.Vagaro.com/facegraceesthetics or give me a call at ‪(912) 376-9039‬.